Sexton Cattle Company

Sexton Cattle Company is owned by Dwight and Suzanne Sexton, and their children Savay and Augustus in Cost, Texas. Located in the largest cow-calf production county in Texas, Dwight serves as the County Extension Agent for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Gonzales. Production of functional livestock is a way of life, having grown up on his family’s purebred cow-calf and hog farm in Iowa. Dwight was a member of the 1992 National Champion Livestock Judging Team at Iowa State University, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Michigan State University.

Dwight grew up with the Hereford and Shorthorn breeds, and in 2000, he and Suzanne branched into the Angus business due to the opportunities it possessed to raise and market genetics that fit the beef industry in Texas. Their family operation relies heavily on embryo transfer as a means to identify productive cow families and then patiently build a quality herd from them. They currently produce Hereford club calves, along with Hereford and Angus performance breeding cattle.