Langford Cattle Company

Langford Cattle Company, which is operated by Bodey and Kathy Langford, has been in continual operation since 1980. Bodey is a fourth generation cattle rancher with West Texas family ties that go back to the trail drivers in the late 1800’s. Our company started off as a commercial cow/calf and stocker operation on the San Marcos River in Caldwell County. We currently operate on 1400 acres of owned and leased land in this area, as well as operating a cattle/hunting operation in Tom Green and Sterling Counties of West Texas. In the 90’s, we began investing in registered Black Angus seedstock. Initially, this was designed to provide bull power for our commercial cow herd and to improve feedlot performance and carcass merit in our feedlot cattle. As demand grew, our registered herd expanded and we became a sire provider for many commercial cowherds in the south-central Texas area. Severe drought in subsequent years, forced us to liquidate all of our commercial cattle herd. We chose to hang on to the heart of our Registered Angus herd and when it started raining again, Angus became the heart and soul of our business.

We have built our Angus genetics, based on the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide phenotypically correct cattle that are adapted well to the harsh environment that South Texas can offer. Our cattle are primarily a result of an intensive Embryo Transfer and Artificial Insemination program and those that do come from natural service, come from a carefully selected Herd Sire battery. We strive to use the most current bloodlines in the breed and focus on improving the EPD’s that we consider to be the most economically important to our customers. We are currently employing Zoetis DNA technology and are testing all of our cattle as soon as they hit the ground. The information gathered from DNA testing as well as ultrasound and strict compliance to AHIR weights and measures, allows us to move forward with our genetic herd improvement, at a rapid pace. Through implementation of these great tools, we are able to offer the South Texas cowman, the very best genetics that are available in today’s market.