North Star Angus

Matthew and Jeri Capps bought North Star Angus in September of 2012 from Ann and Bob Berger of Berger Angus, former members of the Foundation Angus Alliance. Matthew learned the basics of cattle operation through working on the McGregor Ranch in Wichita Falls under the guidance of the foreman, George Giddings. Through continued work, Matthew and Jeri bought into their first commercial operation upon returning to Wichita Falls from Arkansas. Matthew began working with the Berger’s, introduced through a wayward bull, and eventually bought out Bob and Ann for health reasons. In 2014, Tom and Kay Greenwade bought an interest in the operation and North Star Angus was officially established. Tom and Kay grew up in central Texas and the Greenwade family still operates the homestead ranch.

North Star Angus strives for quality genetics that result in the highest possible key EPD traits. Particular focus remains on calving ease, yearling and weaning weight, marbling, ribeye and $ beef. In addition, North Star Angus takes particular pride in how livestock is handled working with young developing bulls and heifers each day to ensure docility and ease of handling. North Star Angus continues to operate on the Berger homestead and lease property in Archer county and is name for the one room school house Bob Berger attended, which still sits on Berger land.