Lawlis Angus Farm

Lawlis Angus Farm is a registered Black Angus operation that was founded by Dr. Virgil Lawlis in 1990. Dr. Lawlis predominantly utilized the genetic resources of Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas to build the genetic base for his herd. Since the passing of Dr. Lawlis, Larry and Chris Mellenbruch have continued the operation under the same name and the same vision. We strive for quality genetics with special attention to growth and calving ease EPD’s. It is our goal to provide herd sires and dams that have a variety of strengths across the EPD spectrum to allow buyers of our breed stock a selection to suit their specific needs. As commercial cattle producers, as well as registered, we understand the value of animals that fit the environment, are efficient in feed conversion, and are pasture ready when they are put into production. These traits are at the forefront in our genetic selection criteria. We operate our business as most in the business have done for years: as good stewards of our livestock and environment; fairness and honesty in our dealings with our customers; and we stand behind our product. Lawlis Angus Farm is located in Bastrop County on the banks of the Colorado River.